Hennie Walton & Pete Evans – Henstridge, United Kingdom
10 Oct – 12 Nov 2019

Bev and John have just looked after our pets and home for 5 weeks. I cannot praise them more highly they were just wonderful with all our pets and cared so beautifully for our home. On our return we were welcomed back with a delicious soup for lunch and lovely chicken dish for supper. As Bev and John were with us for a couple of days before we left to get used to the animals routine we were able to spend time with them both and very much hope our friendship will continue.
Rocky and Pepper
Pippa and Rocky
ho ho hi ho
“Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go…” Chickens and hens out for a walk.
Penny & Poppy
Penny & Poppy


Bev Purdy and Lilly
Bev and the girls.


Claire & Nick Bradstock, North Curry, England, August 31-September 30, 2019

“We were really blessed with Bev and John . Not on Y are they both delightful and interesting people but they also looked after our pets with care and affection. Our house was just as we left it on our return . The planning before the visit was helpful and flexible and they spent time getting to know our village while they were here . We cannot recommend them too highly and hope very much we will see them again .”

NC Day 17_Pilot and Nancy at Coffee HouseBev Pilot CornJohn & Frank

Received | Oct 6, 20


Dale and Denyse Thurman, Murrieta, California
July 2- July 27, 2019

“My husband and myself had an upcoming 3 week vacation and we have all new fur babies (Vizsla and 2 Bengals).  We have never used Housecarers or similar services before and didn’t want to board for that length if time.
In looking at reviews and experience, and for us decided on two for this bunch was the ticket, we found Bev and John.  Opening a line of communication and coming out a couple days before our trip put us at ease.  When they showed up at our home it was like seeing long lost friends.

They treated our home and pets as if they were their own and leaving us feeling like we had nothing to worry about. 

Noki running, always running.
Kai, giving a dirty look.
Niko letting us know what he wants.
They kept us informed of any issues or concerns.
They went above and beyond in that we had some personal matters that needed to be taken care of on our behalf.
We would without a doubt welcome them back in our home, even if it wasn’t to petsit.”


Pam & Robert Cardone, Fountain Hills, Arizona
June 22-July 1, 2019

“We believe in serendipity!  Let’s explain.  We recently lost our two dear Schnauzers within 6 months of each other.  While our hearts were broken, we decided the time was not right to get another dog as we are close to retiring and we had our house on the market.  Then came Sophie.  We were introduced to her by a co-worker as a 7 year old mini Schnauzer that had been passed from owner to owner because of their various personal issues.  She needed a new home desperately.

Bev and Sophie

To see her is to love her!  At only 10.5 pounds she is like a little “figurine” as you so aptly described her.  She filled our hearts with so much love even though the timing was awful.  We were due to make a trip that was planned months before but we couldn’t leave her with just anyone or take her out of what we promised would be her “forever home”.

As luck (and more serendipity) would have it, you guys returned from months abroad.  We knew you would love her as much as we do and we couldn’t have been more elated and secure that you could stay with her in our (her) home.

We were able to enjoy our vacation knowing that Sophie was in great hands.  The pictures you sent sure showed her happiness and calmness.  Thank you for being the loving friends and petsitters that make you who you are.  


Love from all of us and many, many thanks,  Robert, Pam & Sophie ”  


Judith & Terry Torrington, Bouy Luxembourg, France, April 29 – May 23, 2019

New friends, Judith & Terry Torrington, of Bouy Luxembourg, from the UK by way of Edinburgh.

“The question is what to say, Bev and John are an amazing couple, not only do we think so but so do our girls, Layla and Jess. We can tell that while we have been away our girls have had a fab time, they look so fit, we wish we had stayed home too. Bev groomed them both and cooked their tea for them, though she didn’t have to. They took such care of our girls and all pet owners will recognise when their pets, dogs for us, show true affection to their carers. This couple are great company, on our return they had prepared a lovely meal and to follow we had a picture show of all the good times they had with our two girls. They didn’t only take care of our precious girls they tended the garden so we didn’t return to foot high grass and the house was good too. We really cant thank them enough and we hope to stay in contact with these two lovely people for another sit or maybe meet up when they are next in Europe. Bev and John are so easy to get on with and we immediately felt confident in our choice of sitter. Thank you both so much, we look forward to seeing you in the future and I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for caring sitters.”


James & Loree, Lauzun, France — April 2 – April 29, 2019

Bev and Chanel in a quiet moment.

“Bev and John did a fabulous job of looking after our home and our pets and we would happily invite them to our home again. We had the added benefit of their company at the beginning and end of our trip away, so we had a chance to get to know them. We would unreservedly recommend them for any house sitting role!” James & Loree



Yvonne & Steve, Chabrillan, France – March 27 – April 25, 2019

John and Jasper in Marsanne

“We have been fortunate enough to have Bev and John look after our house and pets whilst we’ve been away. Two of the most wonderful caring people you could have. We went away confident our pets would be well looked after and loved, as if they were their own. I cannot recommend Bev and John highly enough, so if you have the chance for them to sit for you – do not hesitate and you will be able to leave your home and pets in very capable hands. Our dog Jasper and cat Tinx loved them. We now look upon them as our friends. Thank you both for being so lovely and caring.”


Annica and Michael, St. Albans, NSW, Australia – December 21, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Bev and Prim 

Wow! We wish we would have stayed at home with Bev and John to be spoilt with the animals. Everyone was happy, content and well cared for when we returned. The house was in great order and we experienced great levels of communication and flexibility along with great care of the home and the animals. We would have loved to keep John and Bev but have to settle with inviting them back in the future .


Ray & Diane, Healesville, VIC, Australia · 16 Dec – 19 Dec 2018

Bev and John are a delightful couple. Very easy to talk to and extremely competent. After chatting on FaceTime in June for about 45 minutes we felt we had known them for years. When we came back from our trip on Wednesday evening they had dinner prepared for us, the house was beautifully kept, and the dogs were very happy. Couldn’t wish for more. Sorry to see them go. We can highly recommend Bev and John.


Deanna & John, Korora Bay, NSW, Australia · 06 Dec – 11 Dec 2018

Bev and John are a charming couple and seemed to develop a close relationship with our dog during our absence. We were very happy with the care and interaction that was provided to our pet who continued the connection even after our returned. Thank you Bev and John – enjoy your future international travel sits.


Althea & Terry, Latrobe, TAS, Australia · 04 Nov – 23 Nov 2018

John, Pepper, and Mizzi

“Have just had wonderful sitters, Bev and husband John who looked after my two little dogs Mitzi and Pepper as they’ve never been looked after before, wonderful walks up the mountain every day and when little pepper got tired her Aunty Bev would pick her up and carry her in a baby sling which she loved. The dogs adored them and have been thoroughly spoiled, PLUS I feel that we have become great friends and one day they might return for another sit.”


Deidre & Rod, Brisbane, QLD, Australia · 15 Oct – 04 Nov 2018

“We were very lucky to have Bev and John house-sit for us recently. They looked after our cat Mia very well – and she needed medication twice a day, which Bev handled admirably. We came home to a clean house and a happy, relaxed feline. We also appreciated Bev & John leaving us food in the fridge for a few meals as we were very jet-lagged ! We wish them well in their future house-sits in Australia.”


Caroline & Muz, Portishead, United Kingdom · 01 Jul – 20 Aug 2018

Bev, Dotty, and Nimsy 

“Words fail to describe what a wonderful find Bev and John are for both looking after our house, and more importantly our two small dogs. From day 1 Bev and John filled us with confidence by blogging about their stay and providing daily updates on the walks and all the special moments these lovely people spent with the dogs. Nothing was too much trouble for Bev and John, and we really got the sense that they both love house and pet sitting, and made huge efforts to bond both with the dogs and the neighbors. In fact we were so impressed with these wonderful people we are already looking to book them in for next year. It was also very nice to spend a couple of nights in their company, and share in the stories of their house sitting adventurers. Fascinating, kind, caring, couple. Thank you Bev and John we will see you again soon for sure.”


Andy & Helen, Sharnbrook, United Kingdom · 23 Jun – 28 Jun 2018

Maise and Mole, 

It was a joy to have Bev and John care for our dogs and horses. They take their house sitting very seriously and the animals were in great hands, the dogs loved them and they are experienced in looking after horses! They are very friendly, interesting people and it felt more like having long-lost friends care for our pets. The house was also well cared for and they even watered our plants. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for a house sit!


Julie, Stockport, United Kingdom · 12 Jun – 17 Jun 2018


“Bev and John are amazing, enthusiastic, inspirational, easy-going people who have been an absolute pleasure to meet, and to leave in charge of our house and dogs. They cared for the dogs and the house in the best ways possible, and made sure we knew that everything was going well whilst we were away. They made friends with our neighbours and local businesses who will, I am sure, be talking about ‘those guys from Arizona’ for a long while to come. What a privilege it has been to welcome such warm, caring, thoughtful people into our home, and to know that our dogs and our home were all in such safe hands. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you both so much. x”


Vanessa, Aysgarth, United Kingdom · 04 Jun – 12 Jun 2018

Bev and Scout

“Bev and john are two of the nicest people you could wish to meet. They looked after our dog scout as if he was their own long beloved pet and our nearby neighbour confirmed that at no point during our time away did he look anything other than 100% happy – which is a 1st for us as he usually mopes and pines. If they lived in the U.K., I’d adopt them as our forever pet sitters. If they respond to your listing I think you’ll struggle to find better candidates for a sit. Our remit was a 7 year old labradoodle, some geriatric poultry and a 13 acre country estate.”


Jan, Hamble, United Kingdom · 26 May – 02 Jun 2018

Bev, Oscar, and Max,

“Wow, what a great couple. If you are able to persuade Bev and John to do your house sit for you, you are very lucky people! Fantastic with our pets – our boys were clearly missing Bev and John when they left. Great communication both before and during the sit. I left my older dog, who had not been well, confident that he would be well cared for appropriately. Highly recommended.”


Jack and John


Graham, Norwich, United Kingdom · 07 Apr – 14 Apr 2018

Sapphire and Crystal

“Thank you Bev and John for looking after our pets with so much love and care. It was great to see your social media posts, whilst we were away, on how the pets were getting on , especially the horses. They took time to clean up horse muck, feed and put rugs on when the weather was cold and wet. On our return Bev and John left our home beautifully clean and tidy. Thank you so much and we hope you find the time again to come back in the future.”


Juliet, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom · 24 Mar – 01 Apr 2018

Bev and the kids

“John and Bev were the first couple we made contact with on Trustedhousesitters and gave us confidence that it wasn’t a completely impractical idea. They communicate thoroughly and put you at ease and we were very comfortable leaving them in charge of our home and dogs. We even got regular updates while we were away and we enjoyed hearing how they were settling into our community. Even the local tea room sent them a thank you card as they enjoyed their company so much! Honestly if you get the opportunity to have John and Bev house-sit for you, grab it with both hands! We would have them back in a heartbeat.”


Rebecca & Simon, Newbury, United Kingdom · 21 Feb – 04 Mar 2018

Hamish and Gretta

“Having never used House sitters I did not know before I was a little apprehensive – however Bev and John could not have been more helpful – lots of communication before the actually pet sit and they came to meet me and my dogs before we left on our journey so I could ensure that I could go away with real peace of mind. They were just brilliant – Bev got the measure of Zula my slightly nervous Ridgeback and bonded with her very quickly. Even the adverse english weather conditions didn’t stop Bev and John from taking the dogs out on their long walks and made sure our 2 pet pigs were warm, fed and watered. We had lots of communication whilst away and Everything was great when we got back, House was neat and Tidy and we had very happy and well looked after doggies and piggies. I hope we can use them again in future.”


Sue & Mic, Southampton, United Kingdom · 10 Feb – 24 Feb 2018


“Thank you to the wonderful Bev and John for looking after our house and our wonderful Fynn! Everything was fabulous and we returned to a very happy dog and tidy house. All the contact I had pre/ during and post sitting was just great. John and Bev were so organised to allow everything to run seamlessly. They came up trumps when we got our return date wrong and John could stay on! Would so recommend John and Bev for anyone looking for a fab couple to look after their home and pet, I hope our paths cross again in the future.”


Jacquie, Santa Rosa, CA, US · 22 Aug – 27 Aug 2017

Beverly and her husband John were perfect house and dog sitters. They kept in contact before they arrived and while they were at the house. They were flexible, pleasant, and helpful. Would definitely ask them back.


Laura, Paradise, NV, US · 16 Feb – 20 Feb 2017

Imagine Grace Kelly saying “They’re lovely people, just lovely.” That’s what I think of now that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Beverly and John and having them mind my home. They are beautiful inside and out. They doted on my animals, kept my house spotless, and communicated regularly. They were very careful to cover all the details before I left, and when I returned home I found a small gift and flowers on the dining room table. Do not hesitate for a moment. If you have the opportunity to share your home and animals with Beverly and John, count yourself lucky and snap them up! You’ll be happy you did.


Carolyn, Ventura, CA, US · 25 Dec 2016 – 07 Jan 2017


“Beloved. Our beloved pet sitters—Beverly and John—were fantastic in every way. As though we were family, they took care of everything–with grace and style and kindness. Even when a couple of unexpected things came up—one major one especially: we got snowed in and had our flight home delayed a whopping three days. I didn’t dare ask Beverly and John to stay extra—I just told them the situation and offered to have neighbors come in to take care of our pets. But Beverly and John stepped up, rearranged their own schedules and stayed the extra time—despite inconveniences on their part. It was such a relief, when we knew we were stuck and having to make arrangements long-distance, to know we could count on our beloved pet sitters to take care of our four animals and our house for us. When we returned, we found gifts and homemade soup and apple cobbler waiting for us. All the linens were fresh and ready, everything neat—cleaner and neater than we’d left it!—and pristine. The whole experience was delightful—superb communication, conscientious attention to detail, and contented animals to greet us when we got home. Not anxious, not concerned, just relaxed and happy pets—that’s what you want but don’t dare hope for. Such a great experience in every way, I want to ask Bev and John if they’d ever like to come again! ¡Mi casa es su casa! Thank you so much, Bev and John–we send our best to you and hope we get to see you again sometime.”